Our client is a South Florida fireman who came to us with a dream to design this unique and convenient kitchen product that would be heat resistant, cut resistant and water resistant.

With its’ webbed configuration instead of the traditional independent finger configuration, it would have the comforts of a mitt but the work capability of a glove. We worked with him to develop the MagneFuse Glove that provides a solution to common obstacles faced during the cooking process such as chopping, baking and even BBQing.  It is an all purpose, multi-use glove that is sure to be useful in any kitchen or outdoor cooking space.

We helped developed prototypes out of cast silicone parts to allow for highly functional parts that were able to be tested throughout the development process.

The MagneFuse Glove was designed and prototyped in the USA. View on Kickstarter.com

Product Features

  • Unique 3 Finger Design
  • Easy to Clean
  • Heat Resistant up to 500º Fahrenheit
  • No Slip Grip
  • Designed and Prototyped in the USA

Contributing Designers:

Rodrigo Lima