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    The best way to protect your idea is through the patent system.

    We will help you decide what’s right for you.  With the use of Utility Patents, Design Patents, design drawings, well-articulated patent writing, trademarks, and copyrights you will protect and defend your idea.

    Contact us to learn more about our affordable Patent Research & Protection Services in Hollywood, Florida.

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    About Lime Design

    Lime Design is a South Florida-based full-service Product Development Company specializing in all aspects of Product and Invention Development. Headquartered in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL, from initial concept to manufacturing, our team provides a proven, human-centered design process. Servicing established companies and independent inventors, we empower our clients with creative design solutions to thrive in a competitive market. We keep our edge by continually adding fresh talent to the Lime Design, engineering, and marketing team! We are the versatile design ninjas you have been looking for.