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The Clients Story

Dave and his team at UCOBO came to Lime Design for our expertise in product and packaging design to create the worlds first customizable lumbar support. They wanted to give the power back to the users with the idea to create the ultimate back pain killer! They wanted to create a new product that can be used in many different ways and everyone can find a use for. Whether you want a larger cushion for deeper support, or a smaller support for subtle support, the UCOBO is the one for you. The UCOBO can transform to what ever size support you want, and its foam firmness is fully customizable.

The Process Of This Project


We started by researching different products already on the market. We put together a compilation of various different products, mechanisms and materials. From this, we started figuring out the issues and improvements that could be made.

Concept Development

We then began creating various concepts, quickly picking through good designs and visually improving with every concept. Sketching is a very important step in this stage as it allows for fast visualization of ideas.

3D Modeling

After the client was happy with the concept. We moved to the 3D modeling of the actual product. This step is important because we can see the product three dimensionally and we can go around and start carving out the product and working out the mechanisms and dimensions.

Tech Specs

At this stage, the product has been thought out well enough to create the technical specifications. These are basically the blueprints for manufacturing. We also like to do this before prototypes begin because it helps the clients and our team get on the same page on dimensions, sizes, materials, mechanisms & more.


The prototyping stage is our specialty. Our passion and love for making prototypes is almost scary. This is the stage where your invention idea starts getting physically manifested. This stage is important because this is where we can get a version of the invention in our hands and start testing it.

Sourcing / Manufacturing

This is the stage where we work with our close connections of manufacturers located around the globe. We work tirelessly to find you the manufacturer that best fits the product. In terms of the best pricing and highest quality. Once we find what we believe will be the best manufacturer for your product, we will put in a minimum order to get your first round of physical products.

Final Product

Hooray!! We are proud to present you with the final product. Nothing makes us happier than when our clients finally receive their finished product and are ready to begin selling it.

In Conclusion

Dave and his team were happy with the product & are the UCOBO is now available online for the public to purchase.

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