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A compilation of FREE resources and knowledge for independent inventors.

Here at Lime Design, we have worked with hundreds of inventors and one thing we have heard from almost every single one of them is the lack of knowledge and resources available out there. So we decided to put together the most useful information we could find, to help inventors find information and have the best chance at making their idea a reality.

Having Trouble Conceptualizing Your Idea?

Sometimes getting an idea out of your head can be difficult, maybe this video can help?

Studies & Surveys Of Independent Inventors

Useful studies based around independent inventors. Some of these are a long read but definitely worth it if you would like to get a better understanding of “inventors”

Affordable Attorney Program For Low Income Inventors

Attorneys are an essential part of any start-up business, especially inventors. We know that attorneys can be expensive, but there are programs out there that help independent inventors that may not have a lot of capital to begin with.

Download Our Free Inventors Guide

The free inventors guide has a lot of useful information for new inventors. Including how to get started and the whole product development proccess.

Graphic Design manuals with industrial design prototype sketches for client resources

We Make Videos To Help Inventors

Our Youtube Library is full of informative and educational videos, that can help the independent inventor.

The Development Process

The development process is the same, regardless of what product development company you choose.

The Product Development Process

Ready To Open An LLC?

If you’re going to develop a product yourself we highly recommend opening at least an LLC. This will ensure you can maximize your profits and benefit from the tax advantages.

Our Social Medias

Our goal with social media is to educate independent inventors.

Our Informational Blogs

We spend a lot of time writing educational and informational blogs. Take a look through some of our latest blogs, we’re sure you’ll find them useful.

Not Free, But Books We Recomend For Inventors.

Inventors Manual Preview

The Total
Inventors Manual

It was $11.37 last time we checked.


It was $20 last time we checked.

Inventors Handbook preview

The Independent Inventor's Handbook

It was $14.95 last time we checked.

Not Free, But Companies We Recommend

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