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    Free Invention Kit by Lime Design. If you are an inventor, especially a new one, you should consider downloading this FREE Inventor Kit which outlines step by step process for making your invention into a reality.

    The Lime Design Free Invention Kit includes:

    • 10 Hot Tips for Inventors
    • Typical Project Timeline
    • Sketch Sheet

    Get your Free Invention Kit today and begin the process of turning your idea into reality.

    • After submitting you will:
      1. Access a Page with a Link to Download Your Free Report.
      2. Receive an Email with a Link to Digitally Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect you when we discuss your project.

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    Develop Your Invention

    At Lime Design we offer full-service solutions for product & invention development. Our product development services will take you from initial concepts & prototype manufacture to market.

    3D Printing Your Idea

    We make a 3D Printed Prototype for your Invention. 3D-printing and Rapid-Prototyping has changed how products are developed. We can take 3D models created in CAD software and have a 3D-printed part in your hands in days or weeks cutting the time to reach market significantly.

    Patent Protection

    The best way to protect your idea is through the patent system.  We will help you decide what’s right for you.  With the use of Utility Patents, Design Patents, design drawings, well articulated Patent writing, trademarks, and copyrights you will protect and defend your idea.

    Industrial Design

    Industrial design studies function and form—and the connection between product, user, and environment.  We create products that connect with our client’s target audience and demographics. This is where form meets function.

    “Thanks to Lime Design for all the work getting my idea to kickstarter. It’s been a great ride. I’m glad Rodrigo and his team were there to guide me through this process.”


    Brittany Lammon

    Inventions: Bikini Charms & Brittlet