Functional. Cost effective. Consumer oriented.

Just about every time we get a new client, we wind up working in a new area. That’s the nature of this business, and this variety gives us a great perspective when approaching new problems. What unites this range of projects is that we tend to specialize in products that actually do something, where function is critical to market success. In particular, we frequently find ourselves helping customers with functional products that are to be mass marketed at a competitive price. Also, we often find ourselves challenged by our clients to solve a problem that they find difficult, or that others have failed to solve.

Our experience covers a wide range including:

  • Consumer products
  • Toys
  • Candy
  • Housewares
  • Pet products
  • Musical instruments
  • Safety Equipment
  • Hand Tools
  • Cell phone cases
  • Military equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Industrial machine design
  • Point of purchase displays