Welcome to Lime Design! We are pleased you have chosen Lime Design to assist you with your invention. For us to begin Product and Business Development Services we will need to have the following documents executed.

▢ Mutual NDA
▢ Terms and Conditions
▢ Engagement Letter
▢ Estimate

1. Identification of the Parties.
This agreement is made between________________________ (“Client”) and Lime Design (“Designer”).

2. General Nature of Assistance.
The scope of the project is outlined as follows:
-Lime Design will perform product Development Services as specified in the Estimate. If design and engineering changes exceed more then 15% of the project, Lime has the right to pause and re-estimate the project.
-Client and Designer may agree later to extend representation to another matter. Any such extension will be the subject of a separate written agreement between the parties. The designer cannot guarantee the success of any given matter but will strive to represent the Client’s interests professionally and efficiently.

3. Fees.
Designer agrees to undertake the project on a pay as you go basis. From time to time, projects may experience a sudden change or modification in scope, design goals, or through natural progression which may require additional design time unforeseen in the Estimate. Unless specified, the hourly rate will be set at $125 for design services and $150 for engineering services.

4. Termination of Services.
Both Parties can terminate the contract by notifying by writing via email or letter.

5. Withdrawal of Representation by Designer.
Client understands that Designer reserves the right to withdraw from working with Client, after taking reasonable steps, including first giving client notice of intention to withdraw. The designer may withdraw for any good cause permitted under applicable ethical rules or legal requirements, including without limitation if in his or her judgment:

a. The client does not cooperate with Designer or, by Client’s conduct, makes it unreasonably difficult for Designer to carry out the representation effectively or efficiently; or
b. Client insists that Designer engages in conduct that is contrary to the judgment and advice of Designer or is contrary to law; or
c. Continued representation of Client would result in a violation of the rules of ethics and professional responsibility.

6. Payment Details.

Option 1– Check, Cash or Money Order
To pay by check please return a signed copy of this letter along with a check made payable to
Lime Design
202 South 28th Ave
Hollywood, FL 33020.

Option 2– Wire or Bank Transfer
Bank Name: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

Wire Transfer Routing Number: 021000021
Account Holder Name: Rodrigo S. B. Lima Radius Design Consultants LLC.
Account Number: 577638310
Bank Address:
JPMorgan Chase Bank NA
1111 Polaris Parkway
Columbus, OH 43240

Option 3– credit card
To pay by credit card, you may use the link provided in the invoice. Please note there is a 4% convenience fee for credit card processing.

7. Correspondence.
You agree that email will be our main form of correspondence. If you change your email address, you agree to notify my office of such change. If you fail to notify my office, I will not be able to communicate with you.

8. No Guarantee of Success.
It is impossible to provide any promise or guarantee about the outcome of your matters, understanding it may take multiple versions or refinements of your prototype. Nothing in this agreement or any statements by my staff constitutes a promise of a guarantee. Any comments about the outcome of your matter are expressions of my opinion only. As part of this Agreement, you are also accepting this engagement with the understanding that we permit each other to indicate to the public of our business relationship and list you as a “Client” of the Designer.

9. Terms and Conditions.
The client has read this Terms and Conditions in its entirety before signing it. Client understands the Terms and Conditions that it will apply throughout the course of the project.

10. Complete Agreements.
The client has read this agreement in its entirety before signing it. Client understands the terms of this agreement and agrees that it will apply throughout the course of the project. This writing represents the entire agreement between the parties. The client has also read and signed the Terms and Conditions, NDA and Estimates.

Finally, I am pleased to have this opportunity to assist you and look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Very truly yours,

Rodrigo Lima
Please remit a signed copy of this agreement to: Lime Design 202 South 28th Avenue Hollywood, FL 33020 or rodrigol@limecreativedesign.com

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Signed by Rodrigo Lima
Signed On: August 30, 2019

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