The New Outsourcing: Product Development Partners Improve Core Offers

Outsourcing is usually used for peripheral processes, but new industrial design studios can improve your core product offers like never before.

New outsourcing trends see recognizable and emerging brands hiring product design studios to develop their core offers.

Outsouring employees

For many companies, outsourcing is a familiar and effective way to take care of the non-core processes. Call centers. Payment processing. Facility management.

By assigning dedicated partners to practical matters, your in-house teams are free to focus on what your company really does, whether that’s the latest fitness craze or keeping fingers safe from fire and knives.

But can outsourcing help you improve your core offers, too?

The work culture in the United States has been moving towards more flexible models to allow innovation every year for decades now. The same way that your company hires consultants and contract employees to support core product or service offers, corporations on the cutting edge are outsourcing–well, almost everything.

Innovation From Unusual Corners

Alberto Roman is a concept artist and illustrator at product development studio Lime Design in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. An artist by nature and trade, he’s part of the team launching an innovative pet harness product for summer 2017.

It might seem like a surprising milestone in an illustrator’s career, but to Roman, it makes perfect sense.

“Our client is the brand that you’ll see online or in pet stores,” say Roman. “What I do with the team at Lime is create solutions to stand out in a saturated market.

“The client brought us a vision, including features that are new to market, but the functionality requires innovation that will be genuinely compelling to consumers.

“The imagination that demands is 100% the realm of an artist, as opposed to, say, a corporate manager. The Lime Design team was the best for the job.”

Efficiency Meets Effectiveness

Roman and his team have created the core product offer for their client. While in the past, that might have inspired a rash of concerns from stolen ideas to what exactly the client is doing, anyway, today’s market is different.

Product development shops like Lime Design are set up to handle every step of the process from conceptualization to manufacturing, while letting the brand keep the glory.

“We have everything right here. Artists,mechacanical engineers, all the current software, 3D printers that can print specialized items like medical devices,  and other technical machines like composite 3D prtinters for making carbon fiber and other exotic materials such as Kevlar and other High Temperature Materials for prototyoping and testing” shares Roman. “As a team, our main objective is to create innovativeproducts. We’ve got it down to both art and science.”

When you consider the investment required to get that lift in-house, outsourcing core products no longer seems like such a head-scratcher.

If the cost-effectiveness alone doesn’t convince you, the timing usually cinches the deal. Studios like Lime are so efficient, they can have a prototype out in weeks or even days.

Streamlined development can be the difference between first to market or a floundering idea on the drawing board. It can also translate to far stronger returns over the long term.


Outsourcing has always been popular for its scalability. No need to,purchase expensive equipment and software, hire or transfer,. You can simply integrate or lay off based on market conditions. If something changes on your end, it’s as simple as just letting the design firm know.

“We scale for almost all of our bigger clients. It’s part of the game when you have long-term business partnerships with recognizable or emerging brands,” Roman says.

For instance, with the pet harness client, the team is even helping generate funding for the launch through social media and crowdfunding on platforms like kickstarter and indie gogo.

“It’s a good place to be right now,” says Roman. “Everyone gets to do what they like and what they’re best at, and when we all need to pitch in, we do. The relationship has been great. The product is going to be even better.”

Not sure where to being? Contact us today to see how you can collaborate with Lime design to give your team the creative edge its been looking for.



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