Lime Lingo: Industrial Design

What is Industrial Design? As defined by the IDSA (Industrial Designers of America), Industrial Design is "the professional service of creating products and systems that optimize function, value and appearance for the mutual benefit of the user and manufacturer." Industrial designers develop a concept and its specifications through the collection and analysis of information given [...]

5 Common Product Development Mistakes

Product development is a series of steps that includes the conceptualization, design, development and marketing of newly created or newly re-branded goods or services. The objective of product development is to cultivate, maintain and increase a company's market share by satisfying a consumer demand. This is much easier said than done! There are several mistakes [...]

Lime Lingo: Patent Trolls

What is a Patent Troll? The term “patent troll” is usually set aside for individuals who acquire patents from inventors or companies, maybe through bankruptcy or auction, and then turn around and sue other companies or individuals for patent infringement.  In other words, patent trolls are people who simply obtain patents for the sole purpose [...]

How to Land an Angel Investor

Angel investors are very wealthy individuals who are looking to help startup just like yours take their first steps.  These people are perfect for entrepreneurs who are still financially struggling during the start-up phase. Where exactly do you find an angel investor? Look within. The first place you should look is within your own network. [...]

Product Prototype – 6 Useful Tips for Developing Yours

Building a product prototype is an important part of turning an idea into a concrete reality. The prototype is what you will use to present your product to future investors. These are 6 tips you should consider when developing a product prototype. 1. Don't Wait You’ve finally decided to take that first step. So what do [...]
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