Lime Lingo: Brainstorming

What Is Brainstorming?

Brainstorming is when people get together to generate lots of ideas in a group session. The term was coined in the 1950s and became increasingly popular for decades, before falling out of practice for awhile in favor of top-down management. Recently,  brainstorming is popular again – and for good reasons. Overall, we’re moving towards a more collaborative culture. Particularly as we see crowdfunding raising big capital for emerging brands, businesses are reminded of the value in getting input from a number of people.

What Happens During A Brainstorm?

Usually, brainstorming happens in meetings. The format is loose and spontaneous in order to encourage free association, big ideas and new approaches. When one person comes up with a thought, others are totally welcome to riff off the thought to see what comes up. Tangential thinking is encouraged, as long as it stays relatively close to the main objective of the brainstorm. By letting people’s minds open up, the group can connect the best of everyone’s input and form exciting new concepts.

How Does Brainstorming Lead to New Inventions?

]At Lime, we brainstorm all the time. Each team member here has his or her own unique background in industrial design, engineering or marketing. When we put our heads together, we’re able to come up with amazing, innovative concepts and solutions for our clients and partners. For Big Shark, we brainstormed a 70 and 100 micron nylon bag to help remove fine sediment from pools. These products are now in pool supply stores everywhere. When one of our designers broke a finger, we brainstormed a 3D-printed splint that is flexible, allows for airflow and adjusts as the finger heals. We brainstormed the ultimate party favor for Tokeez, so they could offer a bottle opener and pipe all in one easy-to-carry novelty. There’s a ton of value in listening to what everyone thinks in a comfortable, creative environment. In the beginning, no idea is ever turned down. Later in the brainstorming session, we select and refine the best ideas. When brainstorming becomes a normal part of the development process, incredible ideas become real products in today’s market. Not sure where to begin? If your business is ready to develop new products, ask us to brainstorm for you. Our team is always ready to come up with great ideas and make them reality.



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