Give Fern A Hand With A Prosthetic Arm – GoFundMe!

Hi everyone! We are Lime Design and this is the story of Fern, a 5-year-old girl whose life we are about to change with a 3D printed prosthetic arm.

We met Fern about a month ago via mutual friends. They came to us in need and we are now raising money, in association with “e-NABLE the Future”, to 3D-print a new prosthetic arm for Fern. We have the equipment but need YOUR help for materials and build costs. We had set an initial goal of $1,000 for these materials to print a functional mechanical, protesthetic arm and have already accomplished that goal in such little time! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and supported this cause! We are setting our next goal to $2,500 in hope of creating more advanced and functional electric arms.

You can watch a short video about what we’re doing to accomplish Fern’s new 3D Printed Arm here:

Help us reach this goal by sharing and donating!

We thank you again for your continued support, and every cent donated goes a long way to help out!


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