Coronavirus & the Chinese New Year Extension

As the Coronavirus sweeps across China, which is currently declared a worldwide health emergency by the World Health Organization, the Chinese New Year is being extended to help combat and suppress the issue. Businesses and schools are being shut down to keep people indoors to attempt to contain the spread as much as possible.

For the product design world, this means that overseas work with China has come to a temporary halt until the extended Chinese New Year is over, which currently has no specific end date as it is tied to the duration of the Coronavirus. Because of this, prototypes, products, and outsourcing from China are either barely trickling out, or are simply halted entirely as the vast majority of businesses are shutting down for the Chinese New Year duration. A huge amount of resources are temporarily lost as a result, as many product design companies rely on outsourcing parts, prototypes, and other aspects of the design process to China.

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This is a trying time for the product industry as a lot of resources are effectively cut off. During this time, Lime Design can keep going strong as we do our prototyping in-house, so if you’re seeking a prototype and can’t have it made overseas, drop us a line via our contact page, and we can get a prototype in your hands with haste. We have an array of state of the art 3D printers and a CNC machine to handle a wide variety of product designs, be it plastic, wood, sheet metal or otherwise. We don’t outsource unless its absolutely necessary, as we can do most of the prototyping in-house, and faster as a result.

If you’re in the market for a prototype during this time and can’t wait for China, get a quote by clicking here:

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