Our Custom Animation Services (2021 Guide)

When it comes to getting people interested in your product, an animation is one of the best methods to use! It can get expensive to completely create your product in order to record a promotional video. The quickest, easiest, and most cost effective way to quickly create the ad you need is by creating a 3D animation. Most of the time a rendering or animation of your product ends up looking better than the real product because you can control everything about the scene. The resolution is the highest it can be, the colors are as vibrant as can be, and the lighting is world class lighting. This is all created using a state of the art 3D modeling software called Blender. 

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Why do you need 3D Animations?

To show off! When an investor is going to consider helping fund your product, or even if crowdfunding is your option, people want to see proof of concept and the visuals to show that you’re serious and know what you’re doing. 3D animations will greatly assure them that your product is the real deal, and you now have an amazing visual to show them instead of trying to explain it with a lot of hand gestures. Even beyond that, when your product hits the market, a clean, professional animation will add to customer confidence in your product and make it more appealing to purchase.

A 3D animation can also be useful to design an interior to fit the visual for solid marketing material that demonstrates the product scale as it would appear in the real world. People are visual creatures, most of us can’t imagine things until we see it with our eyes. That is why 3D animations can be so powerful in painting that picture in the minds of the consumer. 

3D Renderings from Animations

Renderings and animations go hand in hand. You can create a multitude of marketing material all from a 30 second animation! We can render out a still image from your animation that you can use on brochures, websites, flyers, and more. 3D renderings offer complete customization for how you want your image to look. Renderings can also be a very affordable option for incredible product images, all from a great Animation. 

How to get started

We have a lot of experience in this arena and can guide you to create the best animation you need for your product. The main thing to keep in mind is to cut out the fluff and stay to the point, keep it simple. People have short attention spans, especially in a world dominated by advertisement everywhere you look. It is important to create an animation that is eye catching and gets right to the point. The next thing to remember is what you are highlighting in your animation. Since you have no limitations when it comes to animations, it is best to try and show something that would be very difficult to show in real life. For example, it would be extremely difficult and expensive to show your product splitting open in half and showing the inner working of the device. With animation, what ever you can imagine, we can make happen. So remember to keep your ideas simple and to the point, and to try and think of something unique to show. We will work as a team to add onto your idea and develop it further. 

Written by Rodrigo Lima and John Medina. Lime Design 2021



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